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Dear friends, fans and followers

7th of August cybercriminals from Vietnam (or pretending to be from Vietnam) took control over my fb

site (johnwilhelmisaphotoholic) and locked me out. My regular fb-account has not been compromised!

fb has no process that could help in this specific case (and of course hackers know that exactely and

establish their business model on that fact). I tried everything I could. Basically there is no mail-address, no

phone number, no form to fill in, no nothing to help customers.

I used fb as a main platform to document my live as a photographer. I was very careful with what to post and how much traffic to generate. I always tried not to bother my followers unnecessarily.

It was not only hard work to create all those images but also to setup this community to communicate with so many people and companies all over the world.

And now (in my opinion due to a leak in the fb-business-manager) this is history. Criminals have full control over my chats, my images, my posts, my identity as an artist. It feels weird. Of course it's not real life it's just fb. But nevertheless I feel hurt. Somebody is posting and communicating in my name. Someone is harassing my followers.

Perhaps I'm a little to sensitive but it feels as if someone had broken into our house. I don't feel safe anymore. And I feel let down by fb. A company which earns billions and billions of dollars is not able to maintain at least one communication channel for urgent cases?

If things have settled down a little bit I will decide what to do finally. But I guess

I will leave fb and Instagram. I have no trust anymore in this company and in

those platforms. I'm sorry for any inconvenience that happened to all of you.

John, the photoholic

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