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Crazy! Photoholic in Utah!

Wow! 15 of my images "live on stage" in Utah thanks to Brian and Julie Heckert.

Few months ago a nice fellow contacted me and wanted to know if I was interested to showcase my images in Utah in the US. Not a professional curator or owner of an art gallery. Just somebody who thought my images deserved it to be brought on canvas. Meanwhile lots of mails have gone back and forth and I'm so grateful and happy about the initiative and effort of Brian and his wife Julie which made it possible my work will soon be exhibited in the US. Thank you very very much Brian and Julie and also Dave Leming (Gallery Manager Provo City Library). I'm still a bit speechless and also very proud about all this.

The exhibition takes place: 1. August through 30. September 2016, Provo City Library - Anderson Art Gallery in Utah US. Don't miss it ;)

Brian and Julie well hidden behind my most successful "Into the poppies"

The Provo City Library in Utah US

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