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My aging body and the Theragun G3Pro

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Once you get close to 50 (or perhaps even at an earlier point) your body is going to be THE big obstacle on being (radio)active.

Sitting many hours in front of a computer, scramble around with the kids, playing sim-racing games while holding a very strong direct drive steering wheel, doing the household, making sports 6 times a week (3 times dumbbell workout and 3 times on a Bowflex Max)... all this takes its toll.

The main problem is the combination of high workload and the aging specific shortening tendons and loss of muscle mass. Of course this is also a matter of your genes. In my case the impact is quite massive.

During the last weeks I suffered a lot of tendonitis in the elbows, general pain in the biceps and an ugly plantar fasciitis. I seems it's not possible for me to train my body and muscles in a proper way to withstand all the strain I demand during a common day.

Of course I could reduce workout days but I feel a very strong urge to proceed like this to have a proper balance between body work and mental work.

I tried out many things. Trigger point massages with ball and roll, electrostimulation (Compex and Bluetens), going particularly easy and also very strong during my workouts. Nothing really helped.

Few days ago I read about percussion massage and the corresponding products. I made a decision to buy a Theragun G3Pro (over the Hyperice Hypervolt) even if it's quite an investment. After using it for only one day I'm pretty sure this cool little machine will help a lot. After 2 sessions the pain in the biceps has gone and something is already happening with the elbow tendonitis (it has an effect for sure).

I will write an update in a few days...

Update 29.08.2019: It really works. Tendonitis got better and the little machine is just great to warmup and activate during workouts.

Update 16.09.2019: It's getting better every day. I had to find the proper technique to threaten the tendonitis. It's basically like working with the trigger-point massage-ball but I was to cautious during my early sessions. As long as you're working muscle tissue you can press really hard when finding aching spots. Meanwhile my elbows are almost painless again.

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